Monday, November 4, 2013

Reasons Why My Husband is the Greatest

Even though I haven't been crafting much (I've been busy with a few custom crocheted hat orders), I still want to share at least some of my life via this blog.

About two weeks ago, my husband called to say he was going to be late coming home from work (I appreciate when he calls with that information, that way I don’t spend the next half hour debating with our two-year old if that was Daddy coming in the garage or a big truck going past…)

….but he also told me he would now be required to work mandatory overtime (50 hours per week plus every other Saturday at the office from 9-3.) And he works 30-35 minutes from our home, so that means he has travel time on Saturdays, too.

(And bear with me, I realize this isn't that much and that lots of people work on Saturdays. And also please understand he already works from home most Saturdays.)

My reaction? As I sat holding my baby during normal evening fussy time, amid a living room strewn with various toys, I cried. 

Keep in mind, post-partum hormones may have contributed to this less-than-stellar reaction…along with lack of sleep.

oct 11 (1)

Oh, and he was going out of town (just overnight) the next week. The crying? Major overreaction on my part. I also recognize that I’m not the one who has to show up at work and be stuck inside every other Saturday and 50+ hours per week.

I’m sure he probably feels a little like this when he has to show up at the office on Saturdays:

angry cowboy
(That is quite possibly my favorite picture I've ever taken of our oldest son.)

Anyway, I apologized for my crying and confirmed to him how thankful I am he has a job and that he is so cheerful about life in general.

And then when I was up all between 3-5:30 am two nights ago with our littlest who was wide awake looking something like this:

october 28 (17)

and then did this all the next day:

october 19 (2)

despite the constant noise and motion from his older brothers:

october 18 (9)

which allowed me no time to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, I drank a large cup of coffee and then made a list of all the reasons why my husband is the greatest.

Why I Have the Greatest Husband:

1. He tells me he thinks I am most beautiful when I’m wearing gym clothes.

2. He claims he  loved the dried out, rubbery lasagana I cooked for 2 hours in the oven (because I had frozen it two months ago and thought it *might* need extra time in the oven.)

3. He did not get [very] upset that I backed our minivan’s passenger side mirror into the side of the garage, shattering it, breaking the mechanism, and subsequently causing $450 worth of damage.

4. Nor did he get upset that the minvan incurred the above damage a week and a half ago and I have yet to attempt to take it anywhere to get it fixed. He even looked into fixing it himself but I concluded I’d rather have his time than the money we [might] save.

5. When I attempted to roast a whole chicken a few weeks ago, complete with potatoes and gravy, and when it was time to eat it, half of it was still frozen, he calmly suggested we order my favorite pizza. And suggested that I go pick it up while he stayed with the hungry, yet amazingly energetic, boys.

6. He takes care of resetting all the clocks in our house after a power outage or a time change.

7. When our adorable baby decided that 4 am was time to wake up for the day this past Friday night, my husband got up with him and put him in the swing and worked for an hour. (While I slept.) And then he said that there are benefits to being awake all the time because he got new ideas for a research project (he’s working toward his PhD).

8. My husband loves when I make up random words to go with his work’s acronyms though it is obvious that I do it because I can’t remember the ‘real’ name of the group he works in. Or the technical names of the projects he works on.

9. He has told me he prefers a large quantity of food to high quality food, so he prefers when I make wayyy too much [boxed] pasta for dinner to when (if?) I spent six hours making homemade ravioli from scratch.

10. He took both older boys to Sunday school yesterday morning and told me stay home with the baby. And the baby napped. So I slept when the baby was sleeping.

october 30 (1)

Thanks, wonderful husband, who also gets up before dawn to go running in the dark so that I can run after he gets home from work.


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    1. I love that you are signed in with my name and my picture.

  2. Greg, you are awesome! :) You too Jen! :)

    1. he is awesome.

      not sure about me. but thanks!

  3. And I finally go the mirror fixed today. Nearly two weeks after the initial shattering occurred.


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