Friday, November 8, 2013

Skinny Jeans: They're Not for Everyone.

I think I’m one of the only women my age not wearing skinny jeans. When they were first popular (five years ago?) only the junior high girls in the youth group at our church wore them. And I was a pharma rep then. Skinny jeans wouldn’t have been appropriate work attire.

Then I was pregnant. Skinny jeans wouldn’t have fit. And they [probably] didn’t sell any maternity skinny jeans in my price range.

And then I was pregnant again. After that, I contemplated purchasing skinny jeans. I even tried on a pair at Target that were on sale and one size too small, but I wisely opted not to purchase them. Then I fixed my favorite jeans and figured that I wore yoga pants most of the time anyway, so why not just have one pair of jeans with a big, repaired hole in each knee?

Then I contemplated making those jeans into skinny jeans. And then I was pregnant again. So those jeans didn’t fit and I never made them transform from flare-leg to skinny legs.

So. Now I’m not pregnant. And my husband has mentioned more than once that I could buy a new pair of jeans so I don’t have to wear the ones with a hole in *each* knee.

I ordered a few pairs to try on.

And now I’m not sure they fit my lifestyle. Not because I don’t wear jeans. Not because they don’t fit.

But because they take extra effort to get on and off. The bottom part of the leg can't just be shaken off like regular jeans, I have to lean down and pull it over each foot. It's already caused me to lose my balance and just seems cumbersome when compared with boot-cut or flare-leg jeans (aka 'out of style' jeans). 

Am I the only woman out there who has this problem?

I really am trying to figure out how to cut down on the time spent on every activity in my house….laundry, dishes, cleaning, and self-care. I just blogged about adaptations in my household management strategies last week.  These activities all need to be streamlined because I need more time to sleep when my baby is sleeping. It’s hard to do the aforementioned activities when my sweet little six-week old is firmly nestled in one of my arms.  Therefore they must be completed when he is sleeping.

Anything that takes more time to put on or take off (like skinny jeans) is throwing a wrench into my plans to simplify my self-care routine and ultimately gain more time for sleep. (Note: the self-care in which I do engage is not extensive. I'll blog about that sometime soon.)

Am I the only one out there who feels this fashion trend of skinny jeans is not worth the effort due to the time required to take them off and put them on?


  1. Nope, you are sooo not alone! I wear bootcuts, period. I kinda want some skinnies, because I have some really gorgeous boots for this year, but...leggins will do. I have really muscular calves, always have, and skinny jeans seem to be made for gals with much, MUCH smaller calves...kinda the same way that most knee-high boots are, now that I think about it. It's not worth the time and effort to 1. find a pair that will actually fit over my bunchy ol' calves, or 2. to struggle in and out of 'em.

    It's OK. On curvy girls like myself, really, the skinny-jean look isn't flattering anyway- works better on willowy body types- and that hasn't been my figure type since my 20's. It's OK to skip a trend that doesn't work for you!

    Viva Las Curves! :)

  2. I opt for skinnies simply because I'm 5'9", and you have to pay extra for IMPOSSIBLY hard to find "tall" or "long" jeans, and skinnies are the one type of pants that are long enough in just my regular size.

    1. I'm tall, too! I actually ordered the jeans from Old navy, they have tall sizes now and they don't charge extra for them. I do not love the fit of all of them, but they're not bad. I'd seen some tall sizes at Target (online) a few seasons ago. I used to like AE for jeans but I haven't set foot in one of those stores in years so I can't say if they charge extra for long sizes. I also buy a lot of pants/shorts at Aeropostale. They have tall sizes.

  3. Look into finding some jeggings. They look and feel like jeans, but they're stretchy. Way more comfortable, and much easier to get on and off. That's the only way I managed to get in on the trend part. Well, that, and they were cheap on clearance. But, I'm now a skinny *stretchy* jeans convert.

    1. that sounds like a good idea. I'll try that. They sound comfier!

  4. I was shopping last night and was thinking "when is the skinny jean trend going to go away". I've never been on board with it, I'm a bigger lady and I just don't think it would like right on me. I've always been a fan of wideleg jeans, but they are so hard to come by. Bootleg jeans just don't cut it for me, they make me look all sorts of wrong. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of wideleg jeans, or at least a pattern for one.


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