Friday, September 20, 2013

A Bunny Front Carrier

I never, ever thought that our dear firstborn would be the type to adopt a lovey. Or a favorite animal. And carry it everywhere with him. And talk to it. And ask what kind of ice cream I was ordering for bunny when we were all out for ice cream.

But he has. This bunny was a gift at my baby shower way back when, so it is fitting that he has completely adopted him. Bunny has birthdays…goes fishing, apparently eats ice cream, you name it.

front carrier (2)

And every night, we have to hunt for bunny. Because bunny ‘hops’ (meaning, he gets thrown) and usually is MIA at bedtime. And our darling child cannot sleep without bunny. Once I joked that I was going to sew bunny to him so he can’t be lost.
front carrier (3)

And our little four year old decided he needed a backpack for bunny. Or a front carrier…like we have used for both our little guys and will use for our new baby. When it arrives.
And why would I try to buy something I can make? I designed a double-layer felt carrier to snap bunny into. The hardest part was applying all those snaps. And the original design.

front carrier (7)

As you can see (in the next picture down from this one), it’s similar to the design of our Kelty baby carrier.

front carrier (8)

(Below, this was two years ago. That’s our littlest guy, soon to be middle child.)

 sept 27 (3)

And the straps cross in the back and snap under the carrier at the top. The little guy needs help putting it on, but I’m sure he will get the hang of all the snaps soon.
front carrier (6)

What types of things like this have you made for your kids?

I've also made band-aids for bunny. He makes frequent trips to the hospital since my little guy really likes to pretend he's an ambulance driver and/or a fireman. Oh, and I made him a fireman costume last year for Halloween.

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