Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Knight Hat

Our Little Bear (who is four) is very imaginative. He loves pretending and dressing up in costumes.

Our boys are good friends with two other brothers. And those boys love swords and knights. They even have a knight costume.

So naturally, our Little Bear wanted a knight costume. And I told him we could make one. We made a cardboard sword and shield. This hat (helmet?) took a little longer to make. With all the sleep depervation and potty training (of the Middle Bear, who is two), I’m surprised I could get anything made.

knight hat

I think it turned out well. The mask(?) adjusts up and down. It’s rather convincing.
knight hat 2

And (I think) he can even see out of it while wearing it.
knight hat3

I think that the Middle Bear is going to want one, too. Maybe I’ll post a tutorial and pattern if I make another one.

And though the Littlest Bear is growing fast, he’s not likely to want a knight hat anytime soon. Whew. baby feet

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