Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two funny things. And some New Year's resolutions.

Or maybe I should call them "embarrassing things" that happened over the Christmas/New Years' week.

1. My uncle had a brand new camera. He was holding it. And as I was giving him a welcome/hello hug, it flew out of his hand and fell to the floor. And it's broken. He'd taken about 6 pictures with it. And even though the camera's demise was not all my fault, I was still embarrassed.

2. We were on our way to a New Year's Day party. All five of us. We don't travel light. So I was carrying either child or a bag plus the veggie tray we were bringing. As our host opened the door, I was approaching the steps and somehow the handle of the tray detached from the bottom part which held the veggies and dip. Everything fell all over the sidewalk! Tomatoes rolled into the bushes. Cucumbers and carrots got stuck between the cracks of the sidewalk. And the dip's container cracked open and leaked french onion dip everywhere.

3. We got the Middle Bear a Plasma Car for Christmas. He likes it. But the Little Bear (the biggest brother) always seems to get to ride it. Anyway, I ride it in the basement after they go to bed. It is seriously the most fun toy in our house.

Anyway, I keep thinking about things I want to make. But I'm too tired. The Littlest Bear hasn't been sleeping well for several weeks. He wakes up every two-three hours at night and I feel like a zombie.

And I have other interests that aren't crafting or sewing. Like running. And playing the piano.

What have I accomplished today? 
-I did make brownies tonight. But that's not really blog-worthy.
-We started a penny incentive to encourage better behavior from our older boys at mealtimes. But again, not really blog-worthy.
-I washed my bathroom mats.
-Washed (and put away!) a few loads of clothing. I've noticed clothes are way quicker to put away if you skip hanging them and just put them into drawers.
-I made bread.
-I ran two miles on the treadmill at an 8:30 pace. Pretty intense!

To be honest, I've considered quitting blogging. Because I'm going through a season where I'm not creating much (a few custom crocheted items here and there...but again, how many owl hats or minion hats do you really want to see posted on this blog?) 

I'm just trying to keep our household running, keep educating our children, and keep food in everyone's tummies. My husband is still working lots. He was off for Christmas and New Year's but we were so busy seeing friends and family (which was great!) I wasn't really afforded any time for anything extra but a nap.

But I'm not going to stop blogging. Because next time I do have the time and energy to create, I'll want to share what I've made.

And New Year's resolutions? Here are a few.
I'm not thinking too big this year.

1. Stop eating peanut butter out of the jar. For instance, in the morning before the toast is done. That one's going well.
2. Be happier even if my house is a disaster.
3. Don't worry if I don't get a shower every morning.
4. Buy more hats to hide my dirty hair.

Happy New Year.


  1. When you have a baby in the house, it's hard to do more than run the household- been there, done that. Your readers will forgive you- don't stress about it! Happy New Year- enjoy this crazy time, and your baby. :)

  2. thanks:) And thanks for reading my blog!


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