Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 12 Posts of 2013.

The top 12 most popular posts from this year.

I’m tired. The Littlest Bear hasn’t been sleeping well lately. I know it’ll pass, but I’m feeling a little zombie-like. I wanted to round up the most popular posts from the year.

12.  DIY Couch Pillows (this is my favorite project!)
couch pillow title page

11. 15-minute headband Tutorial
15 minute headband title

10. Pleated Chevron Bags with Trim. 
gray and white chevron with navy trim

9. Simple baby quilt tutorial
finished chevron quilt (125)

8. Pleated Chevron Bag.
gray and yellow chevron pleated bag (12)

7. Business Card Holders with Snap Closures
business card holders snap to close #snaps

6. Child’s Bathrobe Tutorial
bathrobe tutorial title

5. Baby Boy Aviator Hat
aviator hat baby boy title

4. Kitchen Backsplash
kitchen backsplash1
That was my Christmas gift last year from my husband. We love it!

3. Little Pink Pig Hat Pattern

2. Colorful Scrappy Zip Pouches
pencil case tutorial with scraps

1. Fleece Baby Hat with Bear Ears

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  1. I love Your blog and Your creative sewing.Thanks for sharing.Happy New Year and kiss from Serbia


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