Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blue and Gray Striped Shirt

You guys! I made another shirt. That actually fits. And the seams aren’t all wavy and crazy.

striped shirt (4)

I used the same free pattern as I did for this pink shirt from a few weeks back. I did make a size large this time. And I added cuffs and a banded bottom instead of hemming.

It’s nice and long. I did have to pick the neck out of it about 3 times. Is there any easy way to remove serged stitches from a seam? It was a little tedious.

striped shirt (5)

The color looks really good with white pants or shorts. Too bad I opted for denim.

striped shirt (6)

I have been having a fun time using the new-to-me serger.

I have a few other projects I’ve been thinking about. But my boys keep me really busy. I feel stressed out a lot. Too much. Taking care of kids isn’t supposed to be hard, is it? My 8-month old (hard to believe he’s that big) still does not sleep all night and is crawling everywhere. The five year old is so extremely bright and amazing but always wants to be doing things that require mommy’s assistance. (He never just sits and colors.) And the sweet little nearly-three-year-old requires constant supervision, though he would rather be independent.

So how are you supposed to care for a family of little guys, feed them (4+ times/day), keep the house picked up, the kitchen free of ants on the floor, the fridge stocked, exercise, shower and ever do your hair, dishes washed and put away, not drown in paperwork that shows up in the mail every day, AND have time for fun? And enjoy having kids?

As much as everyone tells me to enjoy it (and I do! I love a challenge!) I do hope that I never forget that this stage of life is H A R D. I do feel like I would be better equipped to handle it all with a smile if I could just get a full night’s sleep. Even every other night would be fine.

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