Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crocheted Hats

I've gotten some crazy amounts of time for sewing the past few days. (At least, crazy amounts for me, anyway!) My husband has been working on a big project for our basement, so that has left several evenings free as he's been at my dad's wood shop.

However, I have very little to show for my sewing! I'm working on developing a pattern for myself and have been "Trial-and-Error" sewing. Meaning I sew up a garment, it doesn't fit, I take it apart, adjust, sew it again, rip it get the idea! Seems crazy.

The stars aligned and my little toddler slept all afternoon on Saturday, my oldest was at a friend's house, and the middle guy was with my husband working in the basement. So that meant lots of Trial-and-Error time for mommy! The project is coming along. I'm also working on putting pockets in garments.

Just a few more hats to share. I made these hats for our church to donate to the local hospital. (Other hats I've made found here, here, and here.)
blue baby boy owl hat

sunglasses crocheted hat

I made some blankets to go with the hats but did not get them photographed before donation. I used my serger to finish the edges and they were very simple to make!
pink owl hat

And this was a hat I made for a friend's daughter for Christmas:
pink and blue flower hat

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