Thursday, January 29, 2015

Furry Hoodie Vest {Aztec Hooded Vest Pattern}

I have been a pattern tester twice for See Kate Sew. I tested her hooded vest pattern a few years ago. And even though they’ve grown a lot, my boys still wear the vests I made for them. I guess vests fit forever.
2015-01-28 13.37.07

Someone gave me this blue plaid fuzzy fabric (can't go wrong with FREE FABRIC!)

 I immediately decided it needed to be a hooded vest. I cut this one with a size 4 body and size 6 length plus I added more length. And I made the arms a bit larger, too.
hooded vest
2015-01-28 13.37.24

I wanted to re-draft the hood to be a three piece hood instead of a two-piece peaked hood. But I didn’t take the time, so peaked hood it is.

zippered vest
The fabric was too busy to be a whole coat. But as a vest (maybe not combined with the Christmas jammies) I thought it was perfect.

The fabric was really thick and hard to work with. I lined it with fleece and the two doubled at the hem and arms did not fit under my sewing machine foot. (Do they make ‘high rise’ machines???) So I hand stitched in the entire lining --except at the zipper. I didn’t have as many layers to sew through there.

And that is why it took me 4.5 weeks to complete this project. Or something like that.
hooded vest

It’s not perfect, as none of my finished items ever are. Part of that was the fabric. Part of it was my inattention to detail when lengthening the pattern. The pockets aren’t perfectly aligned or really placed high enough (forgot about that when doing the lengthening!)  But it’s a fun piece that hopefully all the boys will wear.

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