Friday, January 2, 2015

Handmade Running Shirt with Thumbhole Sleeves

thumb hole shirt
I love running. I also love tennis. I don’t get to play tennis much but I do get to run. It’s a quick way to get outside and exercise. (I have a treadmill, but I don’t like to use it unless the weather is really extreme.)

I was inspired to make a shirt like this by Lexie from the former Lexie Made who now just instagrams her sewing projects. She made a workout shirt awhile back and I thought I would give that a try. It certainly saves money over purchasing under armor.

handmade running shirt

I wanted a shirt with thumb hole sleeves. I kind of just made up how to do the thumb hole. It works for me!

thumb hole shirt

The neck…got a little high. I wanted a funnel neck shirt, not a turtleneck shirt, but it’s really too loose to be called either. Sort of cowl-neck like.

thumb hole shirt

I’m not sure what this fabric is…I just bought it at JoAnn fabric and since it’s a winter-weight shirt, I wasn’t set a super wicking fabric.

I like the shirt tail hem look (scooped in front and back). This picture makes it look a bit sharp at the edge, but it isn’t so noticeable in real life.
thumb hole shirt

I used the pattern I’ve noted before (free found here). I cut the large body using the medium arms. I added length and then made the neck a lot wider than it called for. I made long sleeves.
And it is my favorite color. Win.

My little five-year old was my photographer. My husband was working on a project of his own…a huge bookshelf for our basement. He’s been off for a few days and it was pleasant for all five of us to spend time together. A lot of work and he even remarked about the dishes never ending (I’m always glad for him to catch a glimpse of what makes my day hard!) Even among the chores and occassional sibling arguing and slight fighting, we are very blessed with our three young boys.

It has to get easier than this, right?

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