Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sharing Three Projects.

I have had a very few minutes to sew since having this little guy. I did make him this changing pad! The old one had zero elastic stretch left. I made it with some remnants I had on hand. 

There are tons of tutorials out there showing how to make this item. 

I finished these frames. I cut the mats myself. And they were the wrong size. So I cut more. These are on the wall of the littlest guy's room. My dad made the frames. 

And I made these cute PJs for one of the middle boys. I had the fabric on hand, it took me a long time to get them finished. Now that it is warmer, he doesn't really need long-sleeved PJs. But I made the cuffs long enough they can unroll for next year! I made the pants with the coastal craze baggies pattern and the shirt with the free pattern for day camp t-shirt, lengthening the sleeves and adding cuffs. (affiliate links)

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