Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Bra=New Accessory! (Guest Tutorial)

This tutorial was created by a friend of mine from Ohio! She has two adorable kiddos and we were in MOPS together.

May I just say that if you are a mom of pre-school children (ages 0-5), you must find a MOPS group to join. Hope you enjoy Katie’s tutorial!~Jen


Hi, I'm Katie and Jen has graciously allowed me to share a super fun project with all of you. So just a quick background before we get started... For nearly 5 years straight my breasts have taken on a life of their own, through 2 pregnancies and 41 months and counting of breastfeeding. As a result, the girls have changed over the years and my once well-fitting bras, well lets just say their day has come and gone in my wardrobe. So, while going through my clothes in an effort to condense, purge, and donate items I came across 3 very lonely bras. Upon seeing them, 3 things came to mind:

  1. Who would really want my used bras? (Although I have donated them to Goodwill in the past.)
  2. I can't throw away gently used clothes- not even bras!
  3. How can I repurpose them?

Hair Accessories! I love hair bows and headbands. They have the power to make you look and feel so feminine in a nanosecond. One problem: My bra cups are, eh hem... small. And I didn't have enough fabric to make a proper hair bow.

So I opted to make a Bra Broach... ta-da! I hope you'll enjoy this mini-tutorial. By the way, I'm really no Martha so please forgive me and my asymmetrical cuts!

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I hope this project got you thinking outside the cup. Another idea of how to use fabric from an old bra... sew it into a sports bra to hold an mp3 player or cell phone! The possibilities of reusing items is endless! How have you recently reused fabric or a household item to create something special?

I'd love to hear from you on Twitter @kbevan4 as to how you plan to repurpose an old bra. I'm no longer a bloggy dog, but if you care to read any of my past thoughts, check them out here--



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