Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Tiny Bites Food Shears

Tiny Bites is a company that makes these really neat food shears. Their purpose is to help cut your kids’ food into safe-sized pieces.

A lot of people would probably just use a knife. And knives work ok, but it’s time consuming to cut kids' food with a knife. I used Tiny Bites food shears to cut up my kids’ grapes. They worked really well!
The food shears come with a blade guard so you can take them to a restaurant, to Grandma’s house or to a friends’ house. It's safer than taking along your favorite sharp knife.

I used them to cut a quesadilla (our go-to lunch around here!) Usually I use a pizza cutter or a knife for this, but I liked the Tiny Bites shears better. They didn’t squish the cheese out of the edges the way a pizza cutter does.

Another benefit is that these food shears save your dishes from getting cut marks in them. Now, my dishes are hand-me-downs from my mom, so they’re older and I'm not too concerned about damaging the surface. But I am sure lots of families out there have nice dishes and would prefer not to use a knife on their plates while sawing food into tiny pieces. A set of these will save your dishes (or maybe Grandma’s china?)
Check out Tiny Bites! They offer free shipping to all US residents!
Disclosure: I received both sets of food shears from Tiny Bites, but was not compensated beyond that for this post and will receive no further compensation from Tiny Bites. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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