Tuesday, May 11, 2010

French Pressed Coffee

I really like coffee. We usually buy whole bean coffee, whatever is cheapest, from Sam's Club or Costco and grind the beans ourselves. I had been making 3-4 cups each morning in the coffee maker, but it seemed like I was constantly grinding beans! I was using the coffee maker instead of the french press because I didn't have to wash the coffee maker. Also, if I wasn't ready to drink the coffee immediately, it would stay warm on the coffee maker, unlike the french press. It was purely a convenience issue.

My husband pointed out I could use fewer grounds if I used the french press. Also, I wouldn't have to use a disposable filter. (Note: we do have a reusable filter, but I don't often use it as I dislike cleaning it with a toothbrush. However, buying 100 unbleached coffee filters at $4.99 comes out to $0.0499 per use, so I'm opening my eyes to more money which could be saved!) Plus, the french pressed coffee tastes better!

I'm now taking the extra 2 minutes per day to boil water and then wash the french press. One con: the french press does make less coffee. A hidden pro: I consume less caffeine!

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