Monday, May 10, 2010

Cutting Out Cable

Is cable something for which you spend $40/month? $60/month? Maybe more? Maybe you're not sure how much you spend for cable because it is 'bundled' with the internet and phone bills. We've never paid more than $15/month for cable. Currently, we don't have cable and just have an HD antennae on top of our house which picks up basic cable channels just fine.

Sure, we've gone without ESPN, TLC, and HGTV for almost 6 years now. But how much have we saved?

($40 x 12)6 = $2,880

Is it worth it? To us, yes. My husband does love sports. I guess he's just adapted to watching whatever game is on the local networks. And me? I don't really watch TV, except 1 or 2 half-hour shows per week which are on a major network.

I am actually grateful we don't have the temptation of several dozen channels.

Could you give up cable for a year? Think how much you could save...only caveat...if you do give it up, then change your mind, you may have to pay a reconnection fee. Make sure you're CERTAIN you want to be cable-free like us!

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