Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things to Always* Buy Used...

I saw this post and agreed with some of it:

1. Cars.
2. Sports equipment.
3. Houses.
4. Craft supplies.
5. Home furnishings (thrift stores & garage sales often have great finds!)
6. Furniture
7. Kid's Clothing
8. Musical Instruments (unless it is your profession!)

*Or usually; there are exceptions to every rule!

My exceptions:
Cars: Usually it is best to buy used. However, sometimes dealerships offer rebates or warranties that can be very valuable.

Craft Supplies: I would like to start buying used things, but haven't because usually I want something VERY specific. I also usually have coupons!

Furniture: Possible exception of couches, I truly appreciate our new couches!!

Kid's Clothes: I feel that kid's clothing can be so cheaply found on clearance at some stores (Target, Walmart, Sears) that you can't do better at the secondhand store for casual or low-quality items.

What are some other things to always buy used?

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