Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time Savers

-Keep the same glass all day. Saves time & dishwasher space. Mark it with one of those oil pencils used in chemistry labs if necessary!
-Use a few different laundry baskets in your room. One is for whites, one is for colors, and one for delicates.
-Put your junk mail straight into the trash instead of setting it on the counter.
-Buy birthday cards in bulk. Address them while you're thinking about it. Put them in a stack, and send them out once a month.
-Put a piece of bread into your brown sugar container. This keeps it moist and helps it not form small rocks (you know what I mean!)
-Brush your teeth in the shower. I used to do this in college. It saved me time!
-Moisturize your cuticles with baby oil. Cheap and easy and makes your nails shiny.
-Do bicep curls with large cans of soup while you wait for water to boil in the kitchen.

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