Monday, July 19, 2010

Road Trip Savings

1. Don't pack extra stuff. Every 100 pounds of gear can reduce fuel efficiency by 1-2%. That adds up.

2. Do pack a cooler with food. Plan your meals on the road to be picnic-style and pack sandwiches, fruit, pre-cut veggies, and yogurt. Drink water. (Or drink coffee as needed.)

3. Bring along a travel coffee mug. Most coffee shops give a $0.10 discount if you have your own mug. That can add up depending on your coffee requirements!

4. Check for gas deals along the way.

5. Consider camping out at a public campground along the way instead of staying in a hotel.

6. If you do go to a hotel, find out if they offer free breakfast.

7. Rent books on tape from your local library.

8. No GPS? Borrow one from a friend.

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