Sunday, September 5, 2010

De-Cluttering to Move

We're in the middle of moving. As I write this post, I have a zillion things to do. Like de-clutter the entire house, refold linens to make the closets look nice, and shop-vac the bugs out of the basement. All of these things will make the house look more appealing to buyers. I think I liked this house in the first place because it was neat, tidy, and clean. And because it had a big kitchen. See?
I love our kitchen. I should've written a tutorial on doing your own wood floor. My husband and I did ours. I was 10 weeks pregnant at the time! But I digress.

When we first listed the house to sell four weeks ago, I went through and put away all of our pictures, my husband's bobble head collection, and other random things that just are always 'there'. Safety pins, snow globe that doubles as body spray, a ribbon from a stuffed animal that our son took off, you get the picture!

But the lesson is that I like the way my house looks without all the stuff around. It is nice to not have piles of mail sitting on the kitchen counter. Or by the computer. I'm wondering if I'll even unpack the other things when we finally get settled into our own place. To enjoy our new space more, I'm maybe going to leave it "de-cluttered". I might have to convince my husband to go along with this. Even though his bobble heads were free (at sporting events), I'm not sure I'll be able to give them away without some convincing.

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