Friday, November 12, 2010

Organize My Craft Supplies

for ribbon scraps; using clothespins for ribbon scraps
Ribbon Organizers: uses a photo box and grommets; this one is from Martha Stewart.

I am making rough plans for building a craft hutch (I found some plans). I have an old radio or TV cart (from the 60's or 70's) and want to make a top for it. I found some old bathroom hardware like towel racks I can spray paint and attach to the sides. Stay tuned for my big idea!

Other things that would be useful for craft organizing:

Wall Organizer.
Art Table Storage for kids (or big people!)
slipcovered plastic crates! no more hurt fingers.
A mail organizer!! Seems like you need a lot of supplies, though. Maybe I need to modify this for the frugal people in the crowd...!

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