Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Baby Blanket

I've got a baby shower to go to ... or I should say "A Sprinkle" (meaning a baby shower but on a smaller scale).

Of course, I wanted to make something. I found a really cute fabric remnant of monkeys at the store. But it wasn't quite wide enough to make a good-sized blanket. I have discovered babies outgrow the teeny-tiny blankets from the store way too fast!

I added two strips of pink fabric (matched the monkeys) to the sides of the blanket. After sewing them (right sides together) I pressed the front so it would lay flat.
Then I pinned it to the yellow flannel back. I cut off the excess from the sides to make it nice and square.I sewed it right sides together, leaving a hole for turning. Then I pressed the sides to make them nice and crisp and then top stitched all around the edges. I made sure to close the hole for turning.

Finished!Up close:

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