Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Felt Block Tutorial

Would your child be thrilled to have some soft felt blocks to stack? (Or to throw?) Here's a quick and easy tutorial for these cute felt blocks!Start with six squares of felt, each cut to 4.5"x4.5". I used my rotary cutter to make them look nice and even.
Then I pinned them together. Since I was using three different colors per block, I didn't want any of the same colors next to each other.
Then I sewed each edge. Be careful at the edges so you don't have gaps. (You'll see what I mean.)
I left one edge partially open so I could turn the whole thing right side out.
Here's a close up view of my gap.
After that, I stuffed them and hand-stitched the openings closed! I think they're cute.
I'm wondering if next time it would be best to use beans or some sort of heavier stuffing. They don't hold their shape all that well.


  1. Good tutorial! I tried doing this before but it wasn't as neat lol I'll try again though!

  2. Cute idea - my son would love to play with these! Maybe you could try a square piece of foam for the stuffing? Most fabric stores have foam sheets that you could cut into squares.

  3. WOAH! This is so fun! My sister is pregnant and I'm going to make a bundle of these in all different colors and sizes! Wonderful idea.



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