Friday, January 7, 2011

Ways to Use an Old Towel

I have two really nice, fluffy, bath towels that have been ruined (somehow they became stained).

I decided to use the non-stained parts to make some baby things. You could make a changing pad to put in the diaper bag or to further protect your changing table.
Nice and soft.

You could also make burp cloths. I just made one (so far!)What other ideas are out there? I have a few more. Give me a few weeks!


  1. I used a towel to make a bib for a cousin's baby. You could use it for a usable swifter pad. I need to that that I ran out of the swifter ones that I had that were given to me. What about toddler napkins? or napkins in general? a toddler place mat? Oo I seen a table cloth turned into a splat mat (for under the high chair) but maybe it would be good on the bottom side so it wont move around? A coffee sleeve? ooo a bath mitt animal? that's all I got so far.
    I love your blog its really cute.

    Karin Marie :)

  2. Good ideas!! I will have to try out some of these!


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