Monday, January 17, 2011

Ironing Board Cover Tutorial Improvement!

Did you catch my tutorial about making an ironing board cover from a knit shirt? (Click here to see it.) But anyway, learn from my mistake and don't use knit fabric to cover your ironing board. It didn't fit all that well, got snagged, threads stuck to it, etc, etc, etc.

So! I made a new one. I used some upholstery fabric (if you're a regular reader of my blog, is it starting to look familiar?) which I bought remnants of from Ebay.

Here is the result:

This cover fits a lot better. Part of the better fit is due to the fact that I cut 2" wider than the ironing board's original cover (instead of 1/2" like I specified in the original tutorial).

The other part of the improved fit is because I used elastic (1/8" wide) to hold the cover in place. Here is a view of part of the underneath part just to show how tight the elastic needs to be:
One last addendum to my tutorial on ironing board covers is that I zig-zagged the raw edge before folding it under. This fabric unravels at the raw edges (unlike knits) so it was a necessary step.

Hmmm...still have lots of this striped upholstery fabric left.
What other projects can I come up with?


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