Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cute Little Tote Bag Tutorial

I love thinking about making bags. Today, I decided to make one. It didn't take me that long (my son took an hour and fifteen minute nap, shorter than usual, but I finished this bag during his nap!)
You will need:
2-10"x 14" pieces for the bag's exterior
2-10" x 14" pieces for the bag's lining (I used the same fabric)
4"x17" piece for the strap
Prepare the strap by pressing it in half (the long way with wrong sides together), then opening it up and pressing each side to the middle fold. Then fold it in half again and stitch it closed.

3.5" x 8" piece for the closure
Prepare the closure by folding it in half (it will be 4" in length now), stitching a tube, and then turning it so the seam is inside. Then press the whole thing and the raw edges in and top stitch around the whole thing.
Prepare the both the exterior and lining by sewing the sides and bottom (exception: do NOT sew the entire bottom of the lining. Leave a space large enough to put your hand through for turning the bag later!). Add gussets (for instructions, see tutorial for the small button-front bag tutorial). Clip the corners. Add one part of a velcro closure to the front of the bag's exterior.
Now place the exterior and interior with right sides together. Pin around the top of both. Be sure to pin the bag's strap to the upper edges at the side seams. It will look like this:
Just sew around the whole top. Then, insert your hand through the bottom of the lining and turn the whole bag. Press. Top stitch around the top of the bag. Add the other side of the velcro closure to the bag's closure piece. Stitch the closure piece to the back of the bag and you're all done!
Easy to make, cute, and a great gift.


  1. Great bag! I love the colors and the directions were so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  2. This is gorgeous! You are so talented :)

  3. I love, love, love this bag!! I can't wait to make one too. Thank you so much for sharing. You make it look so easy!

  4. You're right, it is a cute little bag, thanks for sharing


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