Monday, November 14, 2011

Felt Flower Tutorial

Want to make some felt flowers? There are lots of options to use these fun crafts! You could use them on wreaths, as package toppers, as pins, on headbands, or hair clips. IMG_3055

I'll show you how to make three different types of felt flowers. You'll just need some felt and your glue gun! (And some beads, if you want.)

To make the spiral flower, you’ll start with a circle with imperfect edges, like this:


Starting at one side and cutting around the circle, cut the circle into a long strip.


Place a tiny drop of hot glue in the center and start your coil here.

Continue coiling the the strip around itself. You don’t need to glue as you go.


Next, to secure the flower, place a big dot of hot glue onto another piece of felt (this will be the base of the flower and will not be seen after you’re done). Stick the flower to the glue. Go back underneath the flower and glue as needed to secure all the coils. IMG_3042

Place a dot of hot glue in the middle of the flower and add some beads. When the glue dries, cut around the base of the flower.



To make the round flower, cut a strip of felt about 1/2” wide by 12” long. (The longer the strip, the larger the flower’s diameter.)


Place a tiny drop of hot glue and fold the felt around the glue. Start coiling the strip around itself. IMG_3046

Continue coiling the felt; no need to glue as you go.


Place hot glue on a piece of felt. Stick the whole coil on it to secure. Cut around the felt when the glue is dry.


To make the loopy flower, you’ll need a 1” x 12” piece of felt.


Fold the strip in half.


Make small cuts in the felt all the way down the folded strip. These cuts should stop about halfway across the width of the felt.


Begin by coiling the felt around a tiny dot of hot glue. Continue gluing along the base as necessary to secure the flower as you coil the felt around itself.




(Too bad my pictures aren’t so pretty! It is rainy and dark here!)

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