Friday, August 17, 2012

Kids’ Black Pants: Upcycled

upcycled black pants (15)
Black pants. Not too exciting. But they fit. And they were free. My husband had been given a pair of pants a few years back that were just a smidge too small. They had been cast-off from someone else. Barely worn. So I cut them down to fit our little guy.

upcycled black pants (5)

Flat front. Elastic back.upcycled black pants (6)
Big hem. I can pull it out when he grows. upcycled black pants (7)upcycled black pants (9)

Little ribbon tag so our little man can tell the front from the back.upcycled black pants (11)upcycled black pants (13)
Whew. I’ve been on a pants-making spree lately. I’m ready to move on to another type of project!

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