Friday, August 24, 2012

Swim. Bike. Run.

I did a triathlon a few weeks ago.  I am posting this brief account in case any of you are considering signing up for one—I encourage you to do so as it was really a lot of fun. This was just a ‘sprint distance’ tri, but I did not sprint!

The swimming was first. It was just a 400 yard swim. I love to swim. So this part was great. And it was actually sort of relaxing to be swimming in a lake early in the morning. {Despite 250 others people also swimming. I didn’t know many others.}
july 7 (6.1)

The biking was next. I do like to bike, but I avoid hills. However, this 7 mile course was crazy hilly. I was unprepared as I hadn’t bothered to train much on my bike. I thought that 7 miles would be easy for me! That was a mistake. But it was a relief when it was over! My legs were tired.july 7 (10.1)

The triathlon finished with a 5k run. It was an easy course, not many hills, but it was super hot! I felt comfortable with the distance b/c I had just completed a 10k race the week before. I’ve been running quite a bit this summer—I consider it to be the most efficient mode of exercise, meaning I can get a great workout in not too much time and get back to my kiddos and husband. july 7 (11.1)
I finished 4th in my age group, better than I’d expected! This was my second triathlon (the first was two summers ago) and I expect to do another one someday. I might like to try an Olympic distance triathlon.
My husband is really supportive when it comes to making sure I have time to exercise. He runs quite a bit and also bikes. He’s done four marathons and is considering competing in a tri next summer. I couldn’t have done any of this without him gently encouraging me to get out and run or bike. He even encouraged me the morning of the race and got up early and made breakfast for me.
So, I’m curious. Have any of you done a triathlon?


  1. Congrats! When I was about 15 my mom and I did a couple of triathlons with Team In Training and it was super fun! I have always loved to swim, so that part was easy for me. And my dad is an avid biker and we ride together a lot, so that part was okay too. But the run was killer! For some reason I have like no cartilage in my knees, and any impact sport is just painful. Blech. Overall, super fun though!

    1. That's terrible about your knees. I have a friend who is having a knee replacement in a few weeks d/t years of dance and her patella being pulled from a neutral position which resulted in the cartilage wearing away. So many people have knee problems. Ugh.

  2. Great job!! I did a duathalon (2 mi run, 12.5 mile bike, 5k run)...I do not swim unless I am drowning which is why I opted for the du :) It was a great experience!
    Some day when our kiddos our bigger, we need to find a race of some type midway between us to do together :)

    1. Congratulations on your duathlon! I saw on FB you were doing one...but I wasn't sure how far. That would be very fun! I would love to do a race with you! Someday...btw, are you going to Homecoming?


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