Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Upcycled “Lounge Pants”

…because pre-schoolers need to relax, too. Lounge Pants Upcycled from a T-Shirt (1)
I adapted that quote from another blog who made her baby some yoga pants.Lounge Pants Upcycled from a T-Shirt (5)
Since I don’t think little boys should wear yoga pants, I made lounge pants. The t-shirt I upcycled to make these pants was pretty ugly, so I guess that makes for ugly pants. But hey, it was good practice for sewing with knits.
And they do fit. upcycled pre school lounge pants (2)


  1. That's the beauty of lounge pants...doesn't matter what they look like! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  2. i love these, they look so comfortable
    i would love for you to drop by our linky and share these with us
    hope to see you there

  3. Hey I stumbled upon you through 733's 'puppy dog tails' linky. I have a series on my blog right now about upcycling a fall/winter2012 wardrobe for my twin boys. Seems like you are an upcycler as well. I'd love to have you come check out what I'm doing and maybe share stuff on the flicker group!!!

    1. Oh wow! I like your things you're making. Thanks for the comment!


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