Monday, September 24, 2012

Travel Post: Charleston, SC

edisto island
Have you been to Charleston, South Carolina? We just took a trip to Edisto Island, SC, which is located about an hour south of Charleston. We spent a few days in the Charleston area (my brother lives there) and I thought I'd give you a quick run-down of places we enjoyed visiting. 
Charles Towne Landing. This was a great attraction that included a small zoo-type area with a bear, puma, buffalo, turkeys and deer. All are animals the early settlers would've encountered. It also had a recreated trading ship permanently docked in the river that we could board. The many walking trails featured other recreated historic sites. This was great to visit with kids in tow.

Five/Eights Seams Fabric Store. I stopped at this fabric store and found it to be full of great designer fabrics. There were lots of lovely sample clothes that the owner and some of her employees had made in the shop. I purchased a few prints I couldn't pass up. 

College of Charleston. My husband loves college campus visits. Since my brother's girlfriend works for the College of Charleston, we got a fabulous tour! It's a beautiful campus and I was surprised to find out it is a public university. It has the exclusive feel of a private college.
college of charleston

Nick's BBQ in Charleston. Formerly known as Jim 'N Nick's, this was a great place to take our two tired, napless boys for a relatively quick dinner. You order as you enter the restaurant, then sit down, and the food is delivered relatively quickly. I liked my pulled pork sandwich, and before my boys ate every bite of their mac 'n cheese, I grabbed a bite and it was quite tasty.  

Charleston Aquarium. A fun place to visit with our boys. My oldest especially liked the giant turtles and my little guy learned to say "ish" (meaning fish) while we were there. It is right along the harbor and we got to see fully loaded container ships heading away. We also got to see dozens of BMWs being loaded onto one ship which we found interesting. 

King's Farm Market. We stopped here twice. They had great produce (it was early September) along with baked goods, salad dressings, salsa, and hot sauce. Their prices were reasonable despite being in a touristy area and the only farmer's market we found for miles. 

A place we enjoyed on a previous trip:

Poe's Tavern. Located on Sullivan's Island. Craft beer and great burgers. Both my husband and brother love craft beer. I am starting to like it, too. We didn't go here on this trip because there is always a wait and we didn't think our boys could stand it. 

A place to go on the next trip: 

Children's Museum of the Lowcountry. I love any children's museum. This one was affordable and there was a coupon in a magazine for one free admission. Good deal. 

Anyway, if you haven't been to Charleston, you should go. The harbor is really interesting with all the container ships coming and going. Edisto Beach is great, check out beach access 35 and 36 for great sunset views (the picture at the top of this post was taken there). There is a state park on the island that borders the beach, so you could camp very close to the beach. It was packed when we drove through the park, which surprised us, being that it was September and a week day. We're guessing it is a popular spot. I'm guessing Edisto Island/Beach are more crowded in the summer, but early September was wonderful. It wasn't hot and it wasn't crowded. The beach was windy. 

Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit in Charleston, SC?


  1. Hey girl!We go to Folly beach,SC at least 5 times a year(well,now we only live 2.5 hours away).It's a nice place too!

    1. I have heard of it and it sounds great! My brother has been there a few times. :)


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