Monday, February 4, 2013

SteamMachine Review & Giveaway

I was contacted a few weeks ago by HomeRight, a company who distributes SteamMachine, a steam cleaner. They asked if I wanted to try one and give one away to my readers. In the midst of a home nearly overtaken with the stomach virus, my SteamMachine arrived.SteamMachine included in box

As soon as I was feeling better, I wanted to start sanitizing the house so my husband to help keep my husband from getting the stomach virus. The steam machine was easy to put together. The attachments seen above are all included, but the instructions are easy to read and understand, so I easily figured out what attachments I wanted to use.
I started with the bathrooms and then did the hard floors in my house. Cleaning with the SteamMachine was simple. It doesn’t require any chemicals, just water, that it boils into steam. I used the fixture attachment and then the floor attachment in the bathrooms.
Another thing that I like about the SteamMachine is that it is relatively lightweight. I could carry it around the house easily. It also has a long cord and a long hose to avoid having to move it often.  Many of the attachments are carried on-board, which is convenient.
It can clean shower doors and windows with the squeegee attachment. I plan to use this feature the next time I clean.
What I like about cleaning with the SteamMachine:
1. Easy setup.
2. Doesn’t require chemicals to sanitize.
3. Lightweight, long hose and cord.
4. Several attachments for cleaning different surfaces.
 SteamMachine with Jet Nozzle
Also, if you are planning to remove wallpaper, the SteamMachine has an attachment that allows one to complete this process. Two years ago, I removed wallpaper in two of my parents’ bathrooms without the aid of any machine like this and it resulted in much drywall repair (which is a pain!) I recommend trying a SteamMachine for that process if you’ve got wallpaper removal in your future.
Would you like to win a SteamMachine? HomeRight is giving one away to followers of Monkey See, Monkey Do!

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Disclaimer: I was given a SteamMachine for personal use. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. I am looking forward to hopefully using this product to make my home cleaner and healthier for me and my children so we can live and breath in an environment that your products claim to help make our home better

  2. i think this machine would be so helpful in cleaning a lot of hard to clean places in your home and it would make it a lot less scrubbing for you to do too. thanks/chance


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