Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letter Crafts for A & B

As I put the final touches on my fox hat crochet pattern, I thought I'd show you a bit of crafting I've been facilitating for my boys.

Even though I haven’t been crafting much, I’ve been crafting with my kids. We did some homeschooling work last year. This year, they have been working diligently at learning one uppercase and lowercase letter each week. (Ages 4 and 2.)

We do crafts for each letter. We don’t always do a craft for both the uppercase and lowercase letters.
Sometimes I just pick one or the other. Crafting can be like pulling teeth with my little boys…at least for the four-year-old, who this is supposed to benefit right now…the two-year-old is a little more enthusiastic because he loves glue…but I digress.

2014-02-18 10.45.19

So here are some ideas for A and B. A is for apple, A is for alligator, b is for baseball, B is for butterfly.

I let them do the crafts themselves. I cut the letters and shapes; I offer suggestions and then they glue them. (And you should see the configurations the two-year-old has come up with.) These are all done by the four-year-old.

We’re working through other curriculum too for math, science, reading and some Bible lessons, but these letter crafts are either Pinterest-inspired or my own ideas.

So get your glue out. I’ll share more ideas tomorrow.

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