Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter Crafts: Q and R

Have you been watching following my letter of the week crafts? Last week I posted some ideas.

R is last week’s letter. And Q was the week before. So it’ll be a few weeks before we have a collection of more letter inspiration.

Q is for queen (and I did put both an uppercase and lowercase q on the craft…just to get the unfamiliar letter across.) I had worked with the four-year-old by himself that day. So I'd normally let the two-year old do the lowercase or uppercase. I'm learning the limits of the craft a day is plenty of crafting for him!

letter of the week craft

Since it was R week and we haven’t studied the R shape at all, I had each boy do a separate craft. R is for rabbit and r is for road.

I’m really enjoying homeschooling.

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