Monday, October 20, 2014

Adding Roll-Up Cuffs To Pants


My son is tall. Our whole family is tall.

My oldest son is very slim. He needs pants with about a size 4 waist and size 6 length.
I fixed a few pairs of pants for him to make them longer. And they roll up to reveal either fleece or flannel on the inside. I love the look of lined pants for my boys.

flannel cuff pants

This was a relatively simple alteration and I wanted to share it in case any readers needs to lengthen pants for their kids. Or themselves. Or husbands.

flannel cuff pants

First, make sure to choose a pair of pants with a good-sized hem. The navy pants I used had a bigger hem and things turned out especially well with them.

1. Remove hem from pants. Press hem open.

2. Measure width of pants. Add 1/2” for seam allowance. 2014-10-10 06.49.55

3. Measure height of cuff. Add 1/2” for seam allowance. I made mine just slightly higher than the top seam line. I serged my edge; you might want to add an extra 1/2” if you aren’t going to serge the raw edge so you can fold under, press, and fold under again.
2014-10-10 06.50.09

4. Cut cuff to desired width and height.

2014-10-10 06.50.15

5. Stitch or serge short edges.

2014-10-10 06.50.27

6. Serge to finish inside cuff’s top raw edge.
2014-10-10 06.50.36

7. Pin cuff with right sides together and stitch to the former hem.

8. Fold back so the wrong sides are together. Press. Pin top into place.

2014-10-10 14.36.39

9. Stitch into place. I used the former hemlines to make two rows of stitching.

2014-10-10 14.36.50

10. Fold up the cuff and admire your work. Find more pants to lengthen!

flannel cuff pants

fleece cuff pants

fleece cuff pants

Please note: This is similar but not the same solution I used several years ago. I like this cuff much better than the other tutorial I shared. My middle son is wearing those pants now. They are cute. But it is harder to keep that cuff in place to hide the hem.

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