Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shades of Blue

Our church has collected hats to be given to new babies at the local hospital in the past. We’re starting to do that again, so while we were on vacation for a week (24 total hours of driving with three small kids all age 5 and younger—really, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds…)
I crocheted a dozen hats for the donation basket.

mixed media owl hat

When I got home, I added some embellishments. I took scraps of fabric and serged the edges and then sewed them onto the hats.

 button crocheted hat

Some have buttons, some do not.

striped crocheted hat

I didn’t add anything to the striped hats.

striped crocheted hat

But the hats are all various shades of blue. I only took a few colors of yarn along. Guess you can tell I have a pack of boys and think in all things blue (and green).

dark blue owl hat

Crocheting is relaxing. And I did share some of the driving with my husband. But the majority of the trip, I crocheted.

RV hat

I just love the RV hat. Its sometimes hard to find new boy-theme ideas.

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