Thursday, October 30, 2014

Raccoon Iron-On Applique

I love that raccoons are the ‘in’ character for kids’ clothing. My littlest guy got some jammies for his birthday with a raccoon. So cute!

And now my oldest son, who has started carrying a backpack to a few activities including our homeschool co-op, has a raccoon on his backpack.

raccoon backpack

I made this applique from fusible interfacing and scraps of knit fabric.
 raccoon patch

For the shape of the raccoon, I used a book’s character as my inspiration and cut each of the darker pieces out of paper, traced them onto fabric, ironed them on, and then stitched them on.

After hand-stitching the eyes and snout, I used my machine to stitch it to the backpack. (I did not make the backpack.)

I shared some machine-applique tips awhile back. Click here to find them.

raccoon backpack

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