Monday, October 27, 2014

“The Three Little Pigs” Hats

Halloween is fun for lots of kids. One reader ordered three piggie hats for her little girls. The free pattern to make a newborn sized pig hat can be found here. (I take custom orders for pig hats in any size.)

three little pigs hats

The bows. The ears. The snouts. I just love these hats. (And so do you! I have had several Halloween inquiries regarding these hats!)

three little pigs hats

These hats are just so cute. And I love that the customer wanted a variety of pink shades of yarn for the hats.

three little pigs hats

Halloween Hat sale going on now. Don’t forget to order your hat by emailing me at

There is a pig hat for sale in my Halloween Hat sale. Newborn size. The sale price is good through October 31st.

piggie hat
Maybe I’d better come up with a BIG BAD WOLF pattern to go along with these and complete the costume set.

Yesssss. I’ll get right on that. After I finish my other dozen project ideas.

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