Monday, March 9, 2015

Sweatshirt Skirt with Pockets

I made this skirt for myself.
The fabric is sweatshirt fleece and it was a remnant (saved some $$!)

sweatshirt skirt

I originally used it for something else and ended up ripping the initial item apart and re-making it into a skirt! Do you ever do things like that? I’ve done it before….sometimes things just don’t work out.

I often don’t use patterns, just hope for the best, but I am discovering  that patterns can be handy. Back to the skirt…

This is the back. I did not use a pattern for this skirt. I ended up adding the side panels to make it wide enough to be a skirt but I actually really like the way they fit. I’d cut the back piece into an A-line shape but not the panels, so I think it might be sort of princess seaming, though I don’t really know anything about those seams. Whatever. I really love the back.

back of sweatshirt skirt

And it has pockets! On-seam hidden pockets, thanks to the tutorial found here.
2015-02-03 16.50.18
And a question on leggings with skirts and boots…yes or no? Should the skirt be shorter for this combo?

My husband hates when I wear boots with skirts, but I frequently do it for comfort and just because I’ve had an easier time finding skirts to fit vs. pants to fit. Also…leggings that don’t get baggy at the knees…where would one find those? Help.

(These are a Land’s End pair that I purchased on clearance…they are nice but just not quite tight enough through the legs. Maybe I will make my own someday. I actually purchased a pattern in preparation for this. It seems like a pattern would be best for making my own leggings.)

sweatshirt skirt pockets

I used some fun fabric to line the pockets in my skirt. I realize that makes them rather bulky. But it’s still fun!

printed pockets

I made the front flat on this skirt. I used elastic to cinch up the back as it was a little large. I considered doing a button placket, but decided elastic would be faster to complete.  It was and only too me a few days to complete contrary to most of the other projects I’ve been making, which have taken forever. Like this one.

flat front

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