Monday, October 5, 2015

New Flannel PJ's for Growing Kid.

*I realize I took these pictures in the bathroom.*
 And by the way, that toilet somehow becamee unbolted from the floor last week. Not sure how. But my dad helped me fix it. (Thanks, Dad.) I've never heard of anyone else having this problem with their toilet. I think one of the three boys probably dismantled the toilet. They take apart an awful lot of things. 

The PJs were made with the same pattern I used last year to make my two oldest boys' Christmas PJs. But I had to enlarge the pattern....and not just extend the arms and legs (which I did) but more importantly, increase the neck diameter, collar size, and the rise on the PJ pants. 
Some things I did to make the pattern larger: 
-added 2" to the torso diameter (1 in the back, 1/2" to each side of the front)
-made the collar larger
-increased facings to match the inside of the torso/collar area
-extended arms and leg lengths
-increased rise of pants
-increased pant width slightly at waist/hip
-increased arm cycle (arm opening) and increased sleeve opening size using another pattern as a guide

This seems like a lot of things, but it really wasn't too time-consuming. 

With a bit of pattern drafting (I forgot to increase the size of the facings in one direction, so I had to fudge that a bit when cutting), I have a new pattern that fits the biggest of our three boys. 

There is room to grow in both the sleeve length and pant length, which is fantastic, since my son's middle doesn't grow nearly as fast as his arms/legs. 

And the knit PJs I made a few months ago in anticipation of my oldest son wearing them this fall are already too small. Laughably small. I completely drafted my own pattern for those. Maybe I just shouldn't do that anymore. I did complete them in I guess he's grown a lot. And they fit similarly to the pair I used to draft them from (and that pair is also too small...) 

I love making PJ's. 

I'd love to start making jeans, too. My son skipped size 6 pants b/c they are just too short. One pair of size 7 slim pants we have ~just~ fit. 

 I think I'm going to have to go to size 8 slim pants to get them long enough. I'm wondering how hard it is to sew jeans. 

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