Monday, October 19, 2015

Toddler Slippers...Updated.

The littlest guy needed some slippers for wearing around the house. 

I used the method and pattern from this tutorial for making the toes and just added my normal elastic back (seen here and here

I used scraps, and if the backs look like one is navy blue and one is gray, well, that's because they don't match in real life. But no one really cares too much. 

I was very rough when drawing the pattern, I originally (here, too) made the Homemade Toast pattern the same free size offered online. 

The bottoms are made of faux leather. I'd purchased it for another project and have used it for the slippers instead. The denim I used way back when my oldest son was 18 months or so has been long worn through by both he and the middle son. The youngest guy has gotten a surprising amount of new things due to wear. 

(That poor middle guy. Can't justify buying/making him as many things. Luckily, he still gets excited about getting "new to him" things!) 

I am working on a project for all three of them next, though! 
It takes me forever to actually complete any projects, but with sewing, I've been limiting myself to just one project at a time! It keeps my sewing room (which is actually our master bedroom!) neater. 

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