Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Painted Herringbone-Patterned Canvas...2 Ways.

I bought these two square canvases at a thrift store probably a year and a half ago. They had baby-themed seahorses and other items on them. 

I painted over them with white primer and then did a herringbone pattern. The first pattern was intended for the kitchen. But I thought it was too 80's-esque. At least, my husband thought it was very 80's. So I painted over it. So the blue one, seen here, does not exist. 

Then, I went with green. And with four rows. And yes, it's probably just as 80's-themed! But somehow I like it better. I just need to hang it somewhere. 
I followed the instructions from this project.

And I'm sure it's hard to tell which you like better, since it isn't hanging on the wall yet, but what is your opinion? Which color scheme is better? 

Even if I decide I dislike the green pattern as well, I've only spent a few dollars on the project. And I could probably re-repaint the canvases again. 

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