Monday, November 16, 2015

Animal Bathrobes: Gifts for Kids

...Because it is important for stuffed animals to be comfortable as well.

Maybe you saw my post over on Facebook regarding a bathrobe I made for a giraffe? 

After I saw the free bathrobe pattern on Pinterest from It's Always Autumn, I knew I had to make bathrobes as Christmas gifts for my boys (or their animals?) 

I got to work soon after that and made two adorable robes. This pattern was so fast to sew. 

The white bear is "Big Bear". He was originally my bear wearing a snowboarding backpack, but my four year old took it off of him. He has some newborn size clothing that fits, but I thought he needed his own bathrobe and PJ pants. 

My 4-year old has claimed him and according to him, Big Bear has all kids of jobs, activities and amazing talents. He also has an amazing garage filled with lawn care equipment. 

The smaller bear was also mine (AG Bear from the early 90's) and my 6 year old has claimed her. She has a robe and PJ shorts that match my older son's small handmade wardrobe

I already wrapped these outfits! I I'm so excited the robes fit. The pattern is free and simple. I even figured out how to press fleece without scorching it! I wasn't sure it was possible and have had bad experiences in the past. 

If I were a really great mom, I would have let my kids help make these. They would be a good project for young sew-ers. 

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