Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paying Bills Frugally

Thought this wasn't possible? You could save money on postage and man-hours paying bills online. The hardest part is connecting your bank account with the service; but that isn't really very hard!

Think about it: most people have cell phone, internet, medical bills, credit card (usually more than 1!), mortgage payment, and utility payments. Do you mail in a check every month? Postage isn't getting any cheaper! At $0.44/payment, that's 7 stamps per month (at the least). That's $3.08 per month or $36.96 per year gone to the federal government. Just take the 25 minutes and set up your online bill payments.

So much easier. You could probably set it up to automatically deduct, but we haven't gotten that trustworthy yet.

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