Thursday, April 22, 2010

Babysitting Exchanges

While I thoroughly love having a little guy, I sometimes miss the ability to go out with just my husband and be free of responsibility for just a few hours. (Meaning: I miss the little guy, but it’s the carefree feeling of not needing to meet a need, be it rest, food, beverage, change of scenery, entertainment in the form of silly song or dance routine!)

However, since I’m not currently gainfully employed, we can’t afford the luxury of hiring a babysitter and going out. We’ve spent many weekends in, meaning we’re home by 7:30 (if we went anywhere!) to put our little guy into bed. And that’s fine with me. But what to do the one time every one-two months we should go out as just a couple?

We’re blessed with many local friends at the same stage of life-meaning they have young kids, too. Some also don’t have local grandparents to come over and babysit. A few times, we have been able to go out with just the two of us because of one of our friends allowing our small child to come over for an hour or two. It has been a great way to save money by not paying a babysitter and for us to get some ‘couple time’ even if we just go out for coffee.

I’ve told my husband that at this point, he could take me to McDonald’s and I’d be thrilled. I love being a mom, though and wouldn’t change one thing about our lives.

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