Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Craft

I wanted to have some sort of spring decorations to celebrate the beautiful April weather we're enjoying here in NE Ohio. This craft cost me $0 because I love love LOVE glass jars and have a zillion in my basement! I also love scrapbook paper. I have a bunch of it and that's what I used for the letters.

I did not free hand the letters! I typed the word "Spring" into Microsoft Word and selected a fun font. Then I printed it out and cut them out. I traced the letters backwards onto the back of the scrapbook paper so that the lines would not show.

Here's a
frugal tip for printing: when printing something for a pattern or that doesn't have to be perfect, print in gray instead of black. I think it saves ink! Also, choose 'quick print' for anything you print. This also saves ink. Oh, plus...this was semi-exciting...yet relevant...choosing the 'Century Gothic' font saves ink! See the story here.

Another tip! I found out that Walgreens refills ink cartridges. Usually it is $9.99, far less expensive than buying a new one! They often have coupons in their circular (they come in the Sunday paper). However, on "Earth Day" they are doing it for only $1! Too bad I didn't save all those empty cartridges along the way!

I had to check to see what day "Earth Day" is, too. It is April 22nd.

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