Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piano Bench Reupholustery

My dad has a beautiful grand piano. I reupholstered the piano bench this week.

This is the before picture. He teaches a lot of piano lessons and some of the kids just destroyed the poor bench. It was an ugly fabric anyway, so it was time for an update!

First I had to strip off the ugly green fabric. Whatever was at the edges had turned to dust and I was allergic to it! The middle part had some rubber padding glued to it that was kind of disgusting to rip off. I scraped the glue off.

I put the red braid all around the edge and secured it with tacks.

I cut pieces of ply grip (see video on how to use the ply grip here) to fit the edges of the bench and tacked them the whole way around. It was a lot of tacking!

Next, I cut a piece of foam for the top of the bench. I used double stick carpet tape to keep the foam in place.

For the last and most tedious step, I cut a piece of fabric to fit the bench. It was tough to get the pattern straight the whole way around and also keep tension on the fabric so it was pulled tightly enough.

I tucked the edge of the fabric in and then hammered the ply grip into place to secure it on all four edges.


  1. Lovely! This is a great tutorial. Hopefully this redo will take decades to be needed again! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your dad is lucky that you are so crafty. It looks lovely!
    Visiting you from TT&J.

  3. thanks!! I hope it holds up for decades, too!


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