Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newborn Hats

I made a few more newborn hats this week. I'm in full nesting mode (only 2.5 weeks left til my due date!); at least as much as I can be since I don't have my own house
(5 weeks til our projected move-in date!)
I made these hats using the tutorial and pattern I posted here.

Something really exciting is that a friend of the family is working with a church group to make hats and blankets for the local hospital (the same hospital where I'll be having the baby!) She said that some of the moms have nothing for the baby and the hospital staff has to scramble to find a blanket for them to take home. So my friend is going to use my pattern to turn t-shirts into hats for these underprivileged babies.

I'm thinking that I'll take my extra newborn hats in my hospital bag and leave them with the nursing staff to give to moms in need. My baby can only wear a IS July, after all!

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