Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altering an Undergarment

If you are a woman and wear tank tops in the summer, you likely have the problem of bra straps that show. I've seen a number of ideas for adding snaps and things to the tank top to hide the straps, but I decided that was too much work to alter all the tank tops. Instead, I altered one of my bras to create criss crossed straps and will wear it with tank tops.

It was very easy to criss-cross the straps and only required sewing two tiny seams.

After you take apart the seams, cross the straps, making sure not to twist them in any way. Note how to thread the loose end back through the tiny buckle on the bra (you might have to use an intact bra for reference):

Then you'll just sew it in place and backstitch a few times at the beginning and end of the seam!
Easy, frugal, and a time-saver over adding ribbon and snaps to all your tank tops!


  1. All of my bras cross like this because they always slide off my shoulders. Tip: Make sure that the straps have lots of extra before cutting. It could end up way too tight. I have cut the straps from old bras to use as extenders for these alterations.

  2. So true! I am glad you mentioned that.

  3. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!


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