Thursday, June 9, 2011

Car-Theme Birthday Party

I wanted to share the simple decorations I made for my son's second birthday party. I made all of them myself this past week from materials I had around the house.
(I did buy a few things, but didn't spend more than a few dollars).
I used a car silhouette I enhanced with some windows in varied sizes for all the car shapes.

Here's the big picture:

Here's a little tour of the individual things I made.

I made two banners:

This banner was made from felt scraps and ribbon scraps. I cut out all the cars and just hot glued the windows onto them and then hot glued them to the ribbons.

These cars were made from scrapbook paper. I punched two holes in each car and strung them onto ribbon. (Fun fact: the ribbon was left over from my baby shower 2+ years ago! My aunt gave me the extra for my craft stash!)

These were little favors I made with his 2-year picture. I just took clothes pins and used a glue stick to attach strips of scrapbook paper to the fronts, then cut out more paper cars and hot glued them to the front! Then I put magnets on the back.

They stand up.

This is the centerpiece for the table. I used BBQ skewers to suspend the cars, which are double-sided and hot glued to the skewers. Then I poked the skewers into Styrofoam and covered the Styrofoam with blue shredded paper.

This is the side table's focal point/centerpiece. I just used a cheapo sand pail to set Styrofoam in and used more BBQ skewers to suspend more cars.

The only materials I bought were the BBQ skewers and the blue shredded paper. Everything else I found lying around. I'm not usually a big decorator for any holiday or event, but I got on a roll for this birthday! It was a lot of fun; I think sticking with two main colors and the same basic shape helped pull everything together.

My husband and my son's birthdays are two days apart (separated by a 28-year span!) and this year was just small party for both of them. The only thing that wasn't small were the desserts...I made a lemonade layer cake and a strawberry rhubarb pie!

It was a busy week and I didn't do a stitch of sewing.


  1. Genius! Thank you for sharing your ideas! I can wait to try this for my son's birthday!

  2. Hello!! Thanks for sharing!! I am planning a car baby shower. What did you use to trace the car cut outs?

  3. Wow, how adorable this Car-Theme Birthday Party was. Keep sharing such ideas. We have also started the preparations for the construction themed party for our twin’s upcoming birthday and we must say that the internet has been helping out a lot with everything. Even I have hired the outdoor party venue for this fun party.


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