Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Car Mirror Fix

Since we're expecting our second baby in a few weeks, I've been surveying the things I think we'll need.

If you are familiar with infant car seats, you know they face backward and that many parents equip their car with a mirror so they can see what the baby is doing in the backseat. I highly recommend them! I managed to put an ugly crack in ours one day...brief explanation is that we had taken it down after our son was able to face forward and he liked playing with it, so it was sort of floating around the backseat. You know how things tend to "float around" the car!

I decided instead of buying a new mirror, I'd just cover up the crack with something cute. I had some felt and an elephant pattern, so I sewed two pieces of elephant together and added a button eye.

Using hot glue, I attached the elephant to the mirror at an angle to hide the crack!

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